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Cheap Private Investigator Prices for 2020

Cheap Private Investigator.

Cheap private investigator, is one of the most common questions we get asked is, ''How much does a cheap private investigator cost''. It's quite understandable, that most people will want to know private investigator prices.

It's fair to say, that there is no such thing as a typical or standard private investigation case/prices. Each and every private investigation is unique, and whilst many can be similar in nature - every investigation is slightly different, when looking at the specifics.

Private investigator prices vary between agency to agency - it is always worth shopping around. It is important for you to remember that you are paying for time and experience, and using an experienced private investigator/prices will save you money.

As important is to ensure the agency you use, has a proven track record and reviews. And, ensure the agency is registered and fully insured.

WWG Private Investigator charge some of the lowest professional 2020 prices in the industry. We also offer a price match price-promise, whereby we will match or beat any other quotation, from a fully registered and legitimate private investigator agency.

Also, be aware of additional private investigator prices that some agencies will charge - such as millage. WWG private investigator, DO NOT charge additional fees - we provide a fully inclusive per-hour private investigator prices structure.

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There's possibly nothing worse, than the betrayal of a partner, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other in your life.  The general consensus is,

that if you suspect a cheating spouse, the best way to confirm this is to hire a local private investigator.

Before a client decides to find a private investigator near them,   it's worth looking over the common private detective FAQs.

Cheap private investigators, always recommends you call to speak in confidence with one of our Senior Detectives. 

The consultation is free of charge, and we do not charge any upfront fees or charges.  

Not only will this insure that a private investigator is the right course of action, it usually also helps to target the work,

and cut down on the costs.

A number of red flags to indicate nefarious activity, and help catch a cheater can include:

Change in daily routine, Working later than usual, Staying out longer, Meeting with friends more frequently,

Hiding mobile phone / laying phone screen downwards when in the same room as you,

Changing computer passwords you previously had access to / locking you out of computer,

Change in sex life, either no interest or more interest (believe it or not it can go either way!),

Hiding bank statements, Showing more interest in their appearance (including buying new clothes, underwear etc),

Behaviour changes including becoming argumentative or being nicer than usual, If they start to doubt if they can trust you,

Arrive home smelling of cologne or perfume, strange hair in the car on on clothing, Lack of interest in the family home, children,

jobs that need doing around the home, etc.If you've asked yourself the question; 'how to catch a cheater',

we hope these private investigator tips help.

How are my details handled.  Will my contact / call be confidential.

You can expect and will receive 100% confidentiality when dealing with local private detective,. We are registered by the Information Commissioners' Office for Private Investigation activity.

I'm nervous calling to speak with you, as I am not sure what to expect.

Please don't worry!

All our local private detectives have many years' experience, and are specifically trained in how to handle sensitive personal matters. You will find a confidential friendly voice on the other end of the line - ready to help.

Alternatively, you can contact our team 24/7

or via the contact form below.

You will be given FREE confidential advice, without obligation.

Will the subject know they are being investigated.

We use many professional techniques to remain covert, constantly evaluating changing circumstances, and maintaining the fine balance of the need not to lose a subject, but to remain covert also.  

Our local private detectives are equipped with the latest covert audio/video technology. They are also equipped with advanced digitally encrypted (covert) 2-way radio communications.  

How much will it cost.

Each case is unique in circumstance. Once we have reviewed your needs, we will provide you with a full free quotation based on the information you provide to us, giving you a number of options to consider.

Most of our charges are locked and pre-set, and we charge some of the lowest rates in the industry per hour. We also offer a price match, price promise.

DO NOT charge extra fees for such items as (reasonable) millage, general disbursements and travel time. Surveillance reports including audio/video/photo are included without additional charge. Any additional costs for any reason will be agreed in advance.

Clear. Upfront. Value for Money.  

Will I be contacted unannounced.

The simple answer is, No.

Every client sets their own terms for contact. This will be agreed when speaking with you. We will not contact you, unless agreed in advance.

What can I expect.

You can expect verbal, picture, text and/or email updates throughout the live investigation, and on conclusion of the case you will receive a full evidence package.  

The evidence package contains a written report including pictures as appropriate, and video evidence normally requested in DVD format, or sent via email and/or secure download link. In the case of Electronic Profiling, a separate report is also issued. We can post and/or email PDF reports, as requested.

We're on standby to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

83, Ducie Street, Manchester. M1 2JQ

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