Child Custody Investigations

We have carried out a large number of specialist investigations, both nationally and

We have carried out a large number of specialist Child Custody investigations, both Nationally and Internationally.

By nature, child custody cases are complex, requiring dedicated and specific investigative method in order to obtain the relevant and required evidence.

A specialist investigation will protect your child.

What is a child custody investigation:
Simply put, it is an investigation into a parent or guardian, to test the ability to provide a child with a safe environment, with adequate care. If a dispute into which person should have care over a child has already gone to court, the court will require evidence to show the quality of care a parent / guardian is/might deliver. And, any issues that may arise such as safeguarding and child protection issues.

An investigation will likely include:
Observations of patenting.
Aspects of care and parenting that might be lacking or harmful.
Alcohol and/or drug abuse.

Any investigation will provide legal evidence and reporting to court ready standard, our private investigators can also provide statements of evidence, sworn for the court where required.

How is the investigation conducted:
Child welfare is at the heart of this type of specialist work, Watkins Ward private investigators will gather evidence about the care given to a child through direct observations, during a child custody investigation.

Detailed attention is paid to a parent's ability to provide not just the basics of food, clothing and shelter, but age-appropriate stimulation, nurturing and protection.

Evidence is gathered using video, photographic and audio, as well as written methods, and any concerns regarding a child's safety or welfare are finely detailed.

Family members, relatives and friends can be interviewed, and background checks can be made. Child protection is vital in any investigation in matters of child custody, and our investigators are trained to look for signs of drug or alcohol abuse, criminal activity, problematic behaviours such as gambling, driving in a reckless manner, and other issues that could place a child's welfare at risk. The home environment is assessed for suitability and appropriateness."

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