Child Maintenance Investigations

Carter Harris Investigations - award winning Child Maintenance Investigations

Carter Harris Investigations - award winning Child Maintenance Investigations.

Carter Harris award winning child maintenance investigators, have carried out a large number of specialist child maintenance investigations, both nationally and internationally. By very nature, child maintenance investigation cases are unique in nature, requiring specialist work in order to obtain the required evidence."

When a parent fails in their legal duty to pay child support maintenance, and the justice system has failed in locating them, private investigators can assist.

Our record of success in Child Maintenance Investigations is unparalleled. Our specialist private investigators work throughout the UK, gathering information in respect of offending parent(s). We can uncover the residential address, place of work, and details of their assets, along with other data as required.

We try to keep our fees moderate and reasonable, because we understand that most parents who come to us don't have a great deal of money spare. But, by investing in our services you stand a very real chance of making sure you receive regular child support payments and any arrears due to you.

How far you proceed with Child Maintenance Investigations is your choice. Contact our private investigators today on 0800 233 5711 for an informal and confidential chat about your specific case.

A child maintenance investigation can include:
Locating offending parent
Investigation and evidence of employment
and/or business assets
Evidencing Assets
Lifestyle analysis
Forensic profiling

Any child maintenance investigation will provide legal evidence and reporting to court ready standard, our private investigators can also provide statements of evidence, sworn for the court where required.

Evidence is gathered using video, photographic and audio, as well as written methods and forensic analysis.

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