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Fingerprints are a conclusive and irrefutable form of evidence.

Fingerprints are a conclusive and irrefutable form of evidence. If an individual has touched an item - a door, computer, window, item of paper - and prints are left, detecting them through on-scene examination or laboratory work can provide the evidence you require.

The ridges that form the fingerprint contain tiny pores that release sweat. This sweat can be deposited on a surface when the item is touched, leaving an invisible impression of the fingerprint. Such impressions are known as latent fingerprints and they can be made visible by treatment using powders and chemicals.

Our specialists are able to find scientific proof to help solve crimes, uncover new evidence and confirm family relationships, for private individuals, businesses and insurance companies.

We carry out private and legal DNA testing for a variety of reasons including tracing missing people, establishing issues of paternity and family relationships, and DNA profiling.

Fingerprinting lifting and/or analysis can be carried out at the scene of a crime in order to identify and eliminate people who have been present at that scene. We can also conduct fingerprint lifting and analysis in our controlled in-house facilities. All our forensic testing is carried out under carefully controlled conditions, in order that the evidence is not contaminated, by in-house trained experts.

We will present the findings in a comprehensive written report that is admissible for legal proceedings.

We can compare handwriting samples to establish whether the same person was responsible for both. If only one sample is available and you have a suspect in mind, we can arrange to obtain a sample for comparison using covert or overt means.

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