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Discreet, Qualified, Experienced, Confidential. UK HMO specialist Private Detectives.

"Unfortunately, cases of rogue landlords overfilling their rental accommodation for higher rent return are not uncommon.

If you think you know of a House of Multiple Occupancy and the landlord does not have the relevant licence or is letting the property out illegally, we can help by obtaining the necessary evidence.

Landlords must adhere to different laws and regulations if they are renting out a house of multiple occupancy, rather than renting a property out to a household. This is to ensure that people living within a House of Multiple Occupancy are afforded the same rights as people in rented households with added stipulations relating to shared areas.

This includes things such as the overall condition of the property, how clean the common areas are, the quality of the facilities, and the level of fire safety within the property amongst other things.

We offer a highly effective HMO investigations service, bringing you peace of mind at a cost you can afford."

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