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A Private Investigator or Private Detective can be involved in all manner of general and specialist investigations across the entire domestic, personal, business, legal and commercial investigative industry. A private investigator may also be involved in criminal investigations in the course of his work and specialist criminal investigators are generally referred to as Private Detectives.


The working life of a private investigator is extremely interesting and diverse with every day bringing new, exciting and different challenges.

On any given day, he/she may be involved in a myriad of investigations and enquiries, the following are examples of just a few:


Observing and following persons in connection with matrimonial cases, false accident or sickness claims, crime, industrial fraud, intelligence and many other exciting situations.

Taking statements

From witnesses, suspects or for research and background purposes.

General Enquiries

Intelligence gathering on companies or individuals, financial status investigations and diverse information gathering.

Process serving

The delivery and serving of Court and legal papers on individuals and companies.


Acting as an agent for a company or solicitor to repossess property or vehicles.

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